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I'm Jack (online, I generally go by Jakykong), a full-time student and part-time grocery clerk, I am studying Computer Science, with a goal of becoming a researcher in the field of Computational Linguistics, a field which has interested me for some time.

I am the co-owner of Big Foot Web, working with Jeremy Guddat to get as many sites up as we can manage. So, at least for the moment, I spend quite a lot of time tinkering with our site and keeping it going.

Since I haven't come up with a better way to write this, this is something of a biographical core dump. Forgive me if I'm a bit lacking in rhetorical artistry.

I play quite a bit of music in my spare time. You can find some of it on my music page. My favorite instrument, by far, is the Electric Violin, and I'm proud to own one of Yamaha's. In addition, I play Mandolin and Guitar, and I'm learning drums and keyboard as I go (that doesn't stop me from composing with them, of course).

I am an atheist. More specifically, I consider myself to be a secular humanist, which is the viewpoint that reason, ethics, and justice are the main keys to happiness and truth all around. I find that most religions cause more harm than good, and all of them are lacking evidence supporting their factual claims. So I reject religion in favor of accepting the inherent worth of humans and life.

I am a member of the Freedom from Religion Foundadion and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. I consider their goals, both political and idiological, to be of utmost importance in our current world.

I write Open Source software. In accordance with my philosophical standpoint, I believe freedom to access information, including the information about how your computer is functioning, is a basic human right insofar as technology permits it. Public libraries encapsulate this belief quite nicely. They are somewhat obsolete, however, as we move toward ever cheaper, ever more digital reading, and of course to video and audio content. Software, in particular, is generally locked up. Unless you work for the company that writes it, you very often cannot learn how it works. I reject this state of affairs. Not verybody wants to read a biology textbook, although the library still carries a copy for those who do. Similarly, not everybody wants to (or can) read the source code to a computer program. But those who want to should be able to.

So, the software that I've written can be found on my software page. Give it a visit; it may or may not be useful to you, but it's there for the taking.

Well, I don't want to crowd this page too much. I've got the rest of the site to fill with stuff. I hope you enjoy your stay and find something interesting or useful here.

last edited June 3, 2011