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Gnome File Manager Annoyances

By Jack Mudge on June 3, 2011

Gnome is a fully-featured desktop environment, with all of the bells and whistles one normally expects from such a system. As such, it is a complex piece of software patchwork, and when something goes wrong with it, one normally needs to know quite a bit about its internal structure to fix it.

I don't care that much for KDE after version 4; but one thing I can say about it is that there is always a dialogue box to set any setting. Gnome is different -- the settings aren't in a compact set of configuration files like Apache, they aren't in dialogue boxes like KDE (or Windows), and of course, the documentation of the system (source code aside) is astonishingly sparse.

Today, I installed digikam (one of the KDE apps I still like to use), and as standard, the dependencies were installed along with it. It happened to be that one of it's grandparent dependencies was Konqueror, an overkill, incompatible, irritating file manager. I prefer nautilus -- it's small enough and fast enough without sacrificing features. But the install script for Konqueror decided to set it as my default file manager. That was the start of quite a bit of hunting to find a solution.

And here it is: An Ubuntu Forum Post. Basically, find your ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list file, and any lines beginning in inode/directory should be changed to use nautilus instead of Konqueror.

Such a simple solution, in hindsight. If only the documentation were clear or the configuration files in a standard location.

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