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Religion is a topic best taken in small doses to preserve ones' sanity.

  • Ebon Musings: The Atheism Pages - Although I can hold a conversation, I can't think of anybody but maybe carl sagan who can so eloquently defend atheism and rationality. Whatever you beleive, read these articles first.
  • The Auburn Freethought Society - If you're in the area, it's a great group to visit.

Music is a long-time serious hobby of mine.

  • Synth Secrets - A series of articles about analog synthesizers. If you have any interest in synthesizers, this is a must-read.

Webcomics are (sometimes) excellent (always) free entertainment. Perhaps you'll find them enjoyable as well. In no particular order,

  • Schlock Mercenary - A space opera, or so it's described by its author, Howard Tayler. The story, humor, and art are all great. But read it from the beginning; it's much better that way.
  • Not Invented Here - A fun comic about a couple of software developers. Fairly new, but it already seems to have a decent following.
  • The Whiteboard - Also known as TWB, this comic is about paintball, sortof, but I don't play paintball at all and it's still quite fun. Perhaps it's Doc's truly hackish lifestyle that brings the comic to life. I certainly connect.
  • PvP - This one is much more widely known than some of the others on this list. It's probably best described as being about video games. It's a fun comic, although a bit sillier than the rest of the comics on this list so far.
  • Station V3 - A simply drawn serial about a fuel station. It's got a charm in its simplicity, although there's more storyline to it than it puts on. Despite the simple drawing, many of the jokes are visual. Perhaps that oddly sophisticated humor is what keeps me reading this one.

Computers and Technology are challenging to most and interesting to everybody else.